Please note that 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas require a 2 day deposit at the time of reservation. This is non-refundable if you cancel.

Small Runs are $24 a day and are 4×4 on the inside, 4×10 on the outside which is covered.
Large Runs are $26 a day and are 4×6 on the inside, 4×10 on the outside which is covered.
A second dog in the same run is an additional $12 a day.
Cats are $16 a day. A second cat in the same cat condo is an additional $10 a day. Small cats and kittens can stay in 1 cat condo. We recommend more than 1 adult cat should stay in 2 cat condos.

 Long term stays:  Please ask about pricing if staying for 30 days or longer.  Dogs boarding with us for 4 weeks or more will get free walks around the property for extra exercise to reduce anxiety and boredom.

Small pets such as hamsters, rabbits, etc…   price varies depending on the type of care needed and how many. Estimated price is $5 a day.



Ointments, drops, bandage changes……$3/day

Insulin shots…….$4/day

If more than one type of medication is needed please ask about cost.

Late Fee: There is a $20 fee if you are late picking up or dropping off your pet(s).  Please be here at least 15 minutes before we close so we have time to check your pet in and get them settled in their quarters. Any time other than business hours is a $20 fee and a scheduled drop off or pick up time is required.

Doggy Daycare:
$14 per day for each dog
Please realize your dog does not play with others for daycare.  They are let out 4 times a day.  If your ac/heat goes out, you have construction being done on your home or will be gone all day. This way your dog will be able to go outside and potty.  You are welcome to bring food if you would like us to feed them during their day stay.

Prices vary by breed, size, and hair coat. Please call for an estimate on grooming.  For haircuts our groomer is only available on Mondays.  Baths can be scheduled any day of the week.

Baths include: Shampoo, Conditioner, Ears cleaned, Nails Trimmed, and a Blowout.  Prices range from $20 to $55 depending on size, hair coat, and breed of dog.

Teeth Brushing is $8

Nail Trim only is $15

Holidays & Summer Rates: During these times boarding goes up by $2.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break, and June through August

Taxi Service:  If your running short on time we now offer to pick up your pet and deliver them back to you after their stay.  You will need to make sure someone is home at the scheduled agreed upon time. You will need to have your pets vaccine record, food in a secure container, any medications, and a signed copy of our contract.  The cost for either pick up or delivery is $20 within a 10 mile radius.  Round trip is $40.  Anything out side of this is will be $1 each additional mile. Payment for this service must be paid up front.  Please make sure you have everything ready to go when we arrive to pick up your pet.  24 hour notice is required for cancellation in order to receive a refund for this service.

Prices are subject to change at anytime!